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Shaping long term strategy in a single step.

Changing the way you think about client engagement. Forever.


Built on Epsilon Data’s insight platform and powered by its advanced Natural Language Processing toolkit, Forever is a simple and proven system to boost client engagement and shape long term strategy in a single step.

Our insight significantly shapes long term strategy and works for companies and enterprises of all sizes. Understanding your World. And what’s Next.

What is Forever?

Forever is a simple and proven system to boost client engagement and shape long term strategy.

Whilst delivering detailed analysis about the way every individual client feels, our insight is where Forever becomes most powerful. It shows what whole client demographics think: which services work and which services don’t. And most importantly, why.


A Single Step Survey

How can your company get this feedback from clients? It’s simple — a single step survey. Unlike most “single step” surveys, the Forever survey has genuinely only a single step, so it’s quick and easy for clients to answer and leads to high levels of engagement.

We can help design survey questions to fulfill specific strategic needs, or alternatively design a single question to be used over time, giving a better overall view of how your company is performing.

We deliver the survey to clients individually through various channels including e-mail and SMS, and the link can also be shared on social media for anonymous feedback.

When clients fill in the survey on-line (for example from an e-mail link), it’s 100% mobile friendly and can elegantly incapsulate your company’s brand image. When clients receive the question by SMS, all they have to do is reply in their own words.

Forever is the first and only company in the world to offer this unique way of receiving feedback.

We Understand the answers to Help you Grow

We use advanced Natural Language Processing — NLP — to understand the answer to this single step. Our technology identifies, at high accuracy, the topics of the answer and how they are mentioned positively and negatively. It quickly becomes clear what it is that makes different types of client happy.


Strategic Influence

The single step survey takes clients less than 2 minutes to complete but provides a wealth of insight. With Forever, clients feel that their opinion is genuinely valued and share your company’s journey to success.

In the most basic use case, feedback can be handled client by client to understand how to best meet clients’ individual needs. In the most advanced use case, our insight significantly shapes long term strategy.

In addition to knowing what clients think (positive and negative topics), we convert each client’s feedback into a health measure, indicating the probability they will be loyal and spread positive word-of-mouth.

Armed with the health of every client’s feedback, we break feedback down into 3 spaces, from “Engaged” to “Threat”, clearly showing the issues for clients who are not convinced and the praises of clients who are actively generating new business.